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It's Tournament Time!

Play your own tournament with Action! PC Basketball. Download the free Dave Koch Sports bracket pdf. Follow our official Dave Koch Sports Tournament on Facebook and Twitter.


Play the 2020 College tournament that didn't happen with Action! PC Basketball

The official 2020 Action! PC Basketball Tournament! Includes 64 team bracket plus 10 bubble teams so you can customize your own tournament. This product is for use with the Action! PC Basketball Game.  Start playing the 2020 tournament today!

Get the 2020 College Basketball Tournament now. Only $15.00! Purchase the Tournament Download

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Download the FREE Official Action! PC Basketball Tournament Brackets   


Click the image to download the free bracket pdf.


Follow the 2020 Official Dave Koch Sports College Basketball Results on Facebook and Twitter!

We'll be playing too and posting results from our tournament play on Facebook and Twitter beginning March 19 through the championship on April 6.  Fill out your bracket and follow along and see how well you do!

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